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Tax Returns


Tax returns come in many different shapes and sizes – most notably;


  • Self-Assessment Returns

  • Partnership Returns

  • Corporation Tax Returns


As seems to be the case with everything in the Accounting world, tax returns seem to be becoming more and more complicated to complete. Completing a tax return correctly is very important especially with the Inland Revenue’s computer ready to jump out and “bite you” if there are anomalies with your return.


When we complete your return for you we routinely cast a discerning eye over all the entries and consider whether or not the submission of the return might cause the Inland Revenue’s computer to press the “alarm” button. Obviously, prevention is always better than a cure so we ensure, as far as we are able, that the returns are correct and any notable changes from any previous returns are either covered within the provision on the return itself or have no detrimental consequences to you.


Additionally, we offer this service at one of the lowest rates in the country – coupled with our pro-active “quality control” of the returns we believe that we probably offer the best tax return completion service in the country.

Its what you save that counts!

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