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IR & VAT Inspections


Routine inspections by HM Revenue & Customs are as common as they ever were. They can be very disruptive to a business as their arrival often heralds a day of headaches and hassle.


Where you have instructed us to prepare accounts, payrolls or VAT Returns these inspections can be hosted at our offices for a nominal Charge.

Since we have your records it makes perfect sense for the inspection to occur on our premises and, additionally, we are present with the Inspector throughout the inspection and can answer any questions they may have with regard to the Accountancy of same.


This leaves you free to pursue your business activities throughout the day (rather than be bogged down with a tedious and/or onerous inspection) and you can be assured that we will be attending to any issues that arise on your behalf.

We believe that this service is unparalleled within the Accounting industry.

Its what you save that counts!

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